Industrial Revolution Research

Industrial Revolution - research including Banks, Textile Industry, Steam Engine, People, Trade Union, and Eli Whitney

Industrial Revolution FactoryThe term "Industrial Revolution" describes the period in which there was a gradual shift of improving the process of manufacturing and distributing goods. This started in 1790, and continued in to the 1830’s. But what was the impact of the American Industrial Revolution on society and workers? Even though many new jobs were created and some lives were made easier, there were also problems such as low-wages and pollution. I personally feel that the impact of the American Industrial Revolution profoundly changed the lives of society and its workers for the good, despite its occasional flaws.


Industrial Revolution FactoryThere were many positive and negative effects of the Industrial Revolution in the United States. During the time that it was taking place, many workers suffered due to the poor housing conditions, sickness, low-wages, and child labor practices; yet others did not struggle to survive. Conversely, the Industrial Revolution had a great effect on society because of the new machinery and new jobs that were created. Ideas to make new inventions or improve old ones motivated others to do the same. I feel that the long-term effect is not only more important, but has a larger impact than the short-term cost.